Thursday, September 17, 2009


The setting given 100% working but problem is that,
this trick does not work on some of Ufone numbers and it is impossile to use trick on those UFONE numbers any more.

It does not work some Mobile Phones browsers as Servise and Web but here is a trick can make it workable.

1st you will be to subcribe for Ufone Wap
e.g. "wap Nokia N73" or "wap N73" or "N73" to 222
You will rceive a wap setting message
Open messsage with pin code as 1234 and save it.

Now go

>Acess points

Connection name: Free Ufone
Data bearer: GPRS
Access point name: ufone.ptt..wap2
User name:
Authentication: Normal

now ur connection is ready and 100% working detaild as above.
Main trick is that we must use Opera Mini Multiserver mode.
Download opera multiserver and install on to ur mobile device .

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