Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Ufone Internet on Nokia 40 Series

FOR NOKIA 40s Non-Symbian Phones
e.g. 2323/2330/2600/2610/2626/2630/27oo/2720/2730/3109/3110/3120/3500/3600slide/3720/5000/5030/5130/5140/5200/5220/5300/5310/5330/5610/6600slide-fold/6070/6080/6111/6131/6136/6151/6212/6216/6220/6233/6234/6270/6275/6282/6288/6300/6301/6303/6500/6500slide/6600/6700/6730/7020/7070/7100/7210/7310/7360/7610/7500/7900/8600/8800......etc

>Personal Configuration Settings
>Options>Add new>Web

Account name: Ufone Free
Homepage: (any address of your choice)
User name: ufone
Password: ufone
Use prefer access point: No

>Access point settings (enter)

Proxy: Enabled
Proxy address:
Proxy port: 8080
Data bearer: Packet data

> Bearer settings

Packet data access point: ufone.ptt..wap2
Network type: IPv4
Authentication type: Normal
User name: ufone
Password: ufone


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